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Our Why

It took years to get here, but I am glad I am finally here. Finding myself, my worth, and why I do what I do was always not clear. I suspect the same for many people. However, arriving at why we do what we do is important, no matter how long it takes, is worth […]

Racist Kids

I know that I caught your attention. The mere notion of the term “racist kids” is tough for us to imagine. Yet consider this: racism exists, but it does not perpetuate itself. We help to keep it alive by teaching racism to children by our thoughts, words, and deeds. We are not born racist, but […]

Grandparents Raising Children

My grandmother was a critical part of my entire life. I could count on her to treat every one of my birthdays like it was Christmas. I remember when she would babysit and she insisted on watching the “the Archie Bunker show” (All in the Family) as she called it. I grew to like the […]

What to Do If DCF Calls You: DCF Investigation Results

In earlier posts, we discussed outline of a DCF investigation (see https://www.thechristielawfirm.com/what-to-do-if-dcf-calls-you) the parent’s right to know (see https://www.thechristielawfirm.com/what-to-do-if-dcf-calls-you-parents-right-to-know) and tips on handling a DCF investigation (see https://www.thechristielawfirm.com/top-10-things-to-do-or-not-do-when-you-are-being-investigated-by-dcf.) Eventually, the DCF investigation must come to a conclusion. How it ends is as important as how it is handled. This post will outline some of the […]

What to Do If DCF Calls You: Top 10 things to do or not do when you are being investigated by DCF

Introduction Now that we have discussed the outline of DCF investigation (see https://www.thechristielawfirm.com/post/what-to-do-if-dcf-calls-you) and your rights as parents when dealing with DCF (see https://www.thechristielawfirm.com/post/what-to-do-if-dcf-calls-you), we want to review some tips on what to do or not do when you are being investigated by DCF. This in no means guarantees the outcome you desire or is […]

What to Do If DCF Calls You – Parents’ Right to Know

Introduction In our previous post (see: https://www.thechristielawfirm.com/post/what-to-do-if-dcf-calls-you) we discussed the general outline of a DCF investigation. It is good to understand what to expect when DCF begins an investigation regarding you and your family. In Part 2, we will review the parents’ rights to know. This post is to give you a general outline of […]

Daddies and the Family Court

Whether you are like Kevin, the father in my first blog post, or a dad who just wants more time with your child, you may need a Family Court to help you with that goal. Fathers have just as much right to have time with their children as mothers do. However, I have seen many […]

A Daddy of My Own – My Own Story

As I said in the previous post, this blog will be different, as I do not want to spend time talking about achievements. However, I do think it is important to tell my own story. I have NEVER told this story before. It is a bit scary, but I am going to do this anyway. […]