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What Can I Do if a Doctor Who Suspects Child Abuse Contacts Connecticut DCF?

Doctors, teachers, school employees, and certain other professionals who work with children are child abuse mandatory reporters in Connecticut. This means that if they suspect that a child is being abused or neglected, they have an ethical and professional obligation to report the suspicions of abuse, as well as any evidence of abuse that they […]

What is the Definition of Child Abuse and Child Neglect in Connecticut?

Connecticut child abuse laws aim to protect children from serious harm. They are often successful. But, unfortunately, many allegations of abuse and neglect are exaggerated or unfounded. Given the sensitive nature of these cases, child abuse and neglect are treated as serious crimes, and a conviction can lead to severe penalties. Allegations of child abuse […]

What Are the Criteria for Adopting a Child in Connecticut?

If you’re thinking about adopting a child in Connecticut, you’ll want to make sure you meet the state’s adoption requirements. Adoption laws vary from state to state, and many of the rules can be confusing. The complexity of the process shouldn’t put you off from moving forward, but it’s important to get a firm handle […]

What is the Connecticut Family First Prevention Plan?

In 2018, Congress passed the landmark bipartisan Family First Prevent Services Act, representing the most significant reform in decades to federal child welfare policy. Included in the Act are historic provisions meant to keep children safely within their families and avoid the traumatic experience of a foster care situation. The legislation emphasizes the importance of […]

What is Child Abandonment in Connecticut?

As a parent, your relationship with your child or children is one of the most precious things you have. But it only takes a single poor decision or a miscommunication for you to jeopardize your rights as a parent. The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) has a lot of power when it comes […]

Adopting a Special Needs Child in Connecticut – Subsidized Adoptions

According to the National Adoption Center, there are over 130,000 children with “special needs” in this country awaiting permanent homes. In the context of child welfare, foster care, and adoption, “special needs” refers not only to children with disabilities but also to those whose risk factors for disability, race, ethnic, age, or other characteristics make […]

Where Does Disciplining Your Child Cross the Line to Neglect or Abuse?

Drawing the line between a parent’s right to discipline their child and child abuse or neglect will depend on the specifics of the law. No parent likes to be told by the state how to discipline their own children. But if the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) is investigating an allegation of child […]

What Is a DCF Neglect Petition and How Can I Fight One?

The idea of losing your child may be the worst thing imaginable. However, that is exactly what can happen if the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) files a neglect petition against you and has success in court. If you have had a DCF neglect petition filed against you, the first thing that you […]

What Is the DCF Central Registry and Can I Appeal My Placement?

Most states, including the state of Connecticut, have a statewide registry where listings of child neglect, abuse, and maltreatment records are maintained. In Connecticut, this registry is known as the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) Central Registry. Here is an overview of what you should know about the DCF Central Registry and what […]

What Does “Family with Service Needs” Mean?

Navigating family law matters, particularly those involving children and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) can be emotional, complex, and overwhelming. At The Christie Law Firm, LLC, our experienced family matters attorney can help you to navigate your DCF case or another juvenile matter. As you learn more about DCF cases, it is […]