Affordable Legal Services Available for Faith-Based Organizations

Don't wait until you really NEED a lawyer to call a lawyer!

In ever changing economy, faith-based organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs, while providing services to its members and the community.  Legal advice sometimes falls into the category of an "unnecessary extra" when dealing with the business of the organization. This approach can lead to costly mistakes in the future. The Christie Law Firm was designed with your ministry in mind. We have several options available to give you access to legal advice without being a challenge to your budget.  


Affordable Fee Agreements for Faith-Based Organizations

Yearly Fee Agreement

You would like the security of having access to a lawyer, but your ministry does not have many legal needs.  A yearly client fee agreement may be useful to you.  Your organization will receive an agreed amount of hours of legal advice and advocacy with some restrictions for the year. You would also receive a percentage off the billable hour rate should you exceed those hours.  You would always have the option of increasing to the Monthly Fee Agreement should the need arise.

Monthly Fee Agreement

Perhaps, you are a larger or active organization, with employees, independent contractors, and many ministries under one roof or find that you have many legal needs or concerns, then our monthly fee agreement may be right for your organization. You will be able to contact the firm and have ongoing access to legal advice and advocacy with some restrictions.  The monthly fee agreement may also be useful for those organizations that would like the security of having general access to legal support.

As Needed Basis

You may opt to obtain legal advice as the need arises.  We can work together to develop an affordable agreement that allows for your organization to receive as much legal support as possible.


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